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Resolving Anger
Anger is a natural emotion that everyone experiences.  However, when anger is frequently and intensely expressed in a destructive manner, it can be terrifying for everyone and result in many problems.  Anger itself is not a bad emotion; it is how we choose to use it that can cause problems. If you are dealing with uncontrolled anger, counseling focused on Resolving Anger will give you new resources and skills.  You will learn how to process your anger in a productive, rather than destructive, manner, and you will also learn how to identify anger triggers, how to re-assess possible threatening situations, how to utilize relaxation techniques, and how to become assertive rather than aggressive.  These skills are developed through:e
  • xploring effective communication skills
  • learning how to effectively deal with stress
  • practicing safe and effective ways to "win" an argument
  • taking responsibility for choices and consequences
  • A
t Cross Point Counseling Resolving Anger counseling is available in private individual sessions or in a small group setting.  The Resolving Anger Group meets for 1½ hours per week for 6 weeks.  As a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, I will share proven techniques that can help resolve your anger.  If your anger is causing problems for you at home, at school, or on the job don’t wait call and set up an appointment.